Godhuli label was conceptualized based on creative understanding and knowledge of Parul Sharma, the Owner and Founder. It was conceptualized out of love for the unending obsession towards Indian prints and crafts. She had been designing garments for various occasions for her friends & relatives and based on their feedback and consistent demand for different variety of bespoke garments with unique design combinations, the idea of going into a business venture came into being.

Before the Idea was converted into business venture, a lot of research was done on the emerging trends in the clothing and thus the concept of designing bespoke Sarees/blouses and related clothing was given shape. There were hundreds of hours, days, weeks and months of experimentation  and failures. The only thing which helped us was the learning from the journey and the tremendous passion which kept us going. The Journey began in April-May 2017 to final launch in September 2017.

We have a small support team of handwork karigars and tailors; and prefer to deliver quality over quantity. We embrace slow over fast changing fashion, less over more and creating more timeless pieces than dictating fast changing fashion trends.

Parul is a Postgraduate in Chemistry with no formal background of any designing study and fashion, however pursuing her passion led to the conception of ‘Godhuli’.

Godhuli is an online designer brand where conventional rich tradition is amalgamated with contemporary styling. Every piece is a fusion of different textiles and art forms, retaining the Indian ethnicity and sophistication. We create fusion sarees by amalgamating vibrant prints and art forms to make a signature style bespoke statement saree which is one-off pieces.

We are a concept clothing label and are into contemporary revival of this six yards of sheer elegance. We feel that sarees have an unmatched beauty and appeal- something that singularly differentiates it from any other outfit and exudes grace and elegance. Splendid gorgeousness of this Indian ensemble makes it distinctive and class apart.


गोधूलि शब्द का अर्थ हैगो + धूल = अर्थात गायों के पैरों से उठने वाली धूल। पुराने समय में जब गायें जंगल से चरकर वापस आती थीं तो पता चल जाता था कि शाम होने वाली है। इसलिए इस समय विशेष को गोधूलि बेला कहने लगे। अर्थात संध्या का समय। गोधूलि:- गोधूलि ,सूरज उगने से पहले तथा सूरज डूबने के बाद के बेला को बोलो जाता हैं।

The Vision behind the name ‘Godhuli’ signifies to us, the time when a day ends with the promise and hope of a new day, a new beginning, new ideas, creativity……… breaking the monotony.

Every craft is a continuous process of evolution and involves consistency, innovation & adaptive to changing fashion and still retaining the true essence of that craft. We at ‘Godhuli’ also strive to attain the earthiness and rustic charm of colors seen in the sky at dusk and try to incorporate them in the clothes designed by us.

Where colours seem to have been borrowed from nature’s pallete, each motif and pattern used in concept and every minute spent in creating it has its own distinct story to share.

Every detailing and every fabric chosen in designing the product has a language of its own; it mirrors an identity and seems as a bespoke crafted piece created for an individual.

Maintaining a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary to attain the perfect quintessential signature style of our own, which is at the core of Godhuli.

Thank you to all our patrons for believing and supporting us in the journey.

Team Godhuli